The role of a social media manager is one that many companies wouldn’t have had a decade ago. But with social media holding strategic importance for a wide-range of businesses today, the social media manager role is one that has grown to be extremely popular in recent times.

But for businesses that don’t want to outsource their social media management, recruiting an internal social media manager can be tricky – especially if they’ve never had one before! The key is getting an individual who has a diverse set of skills and traits, as outlined below:

1. Writing skills

A big part of a social media manager’s role is creating updates to be published on a company’s various accounts. Therefore, a solid grasp of the English language (or the language your business predominantly uses) is a must. After all, the updates your business pushes out are what your audience sees and so they need to be of a certain standard to promote trust and brand recognition.

2. Be creative

Social media posts with images garner far more engagement than those with just text. For example, according to Buzzsumo, Facebook posts with images get 2.3x more engagement than those without.

A social media manager who can create even basic images to accompany posts that are consistent with your brand voice will save you having to recruit an additional designer.

3. Analytics skills

Analytics play a huge role in social media management. Nearly every major platform has a native analytics platform and brands can glean amazing insights into how their posts are performing, providing they know how to leverage the data. That’s why a social media manager with analytics skills is often worth their weight in gold.

4. Customer service skills

Social media has become one of the first ports of call for customers looking to contact businesses and/or complain. Any good social media manager should be in a position to handle these complaints in the first instance and know how to progress them if they can’t be dealt with immediately.

5. Organised and efficient

One of the keys to getting social media right is consistency. Your audience often come to expect updates from you on certain days of the week at specific times. Your social media manager needs to be organised and efficient so that your messages are always consistent and delivered at the right time.