Following on from our post last week in which we highlighted some of our top WordPress predictions for 2018, today’s post is going to look at our top 5 social media marketing predictions for 2018.

Here are five trends that we think are going to be big in social media marketing this year:

1. Even more Live Video

Live Video really took off in 2017 and it’s only going to get bigger as this year unfolds. Brands have realised they can connect and engage with their followers on a different level using Live Video and that’s helped fuel its rise.

Still unsure about the power of Live Video? Consider this stat: Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined [source: Adélie Studios].

2. Continued use of influencer marketing

Like Live Video, influencer marketing had a huge 2017. It’s something that B2C businesses have been leveraging for some time, but we expect more and more B2B businesses to take advantage of it this year too. Most influencers have huge followings and if businesses can get a mention or a recommendation, it can be worth its weight in gold.

3. Next-gen messaging platforms

Messaging platforms are huge! After Facebook and YouTube, messaging platforms account for the next four slots in terms of largest social media offerings by monthly active users. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and QQ (Tencent) are all above the likes of Instagram and Twitter in terms of monthly active users.

This year, we think next-generation AI messaging platforms will emerge that will be able to take customer service to the next level. Basic chatbots are one thing, but intelligent systems that can confidently and accurately handle tons of different situations will be immensely powerful.

4. More augmented reality

We saw how the Pokémon GO craze gripped people all over the world. It was one of the most successful Augmented Reality releases ever. This year, we predict that brands will look to jump on the Augmented Reality bandwagon and produce games/applications that not only seek to boost engagement, but also provide real solutions to every day pain points.

5. Rising social media advertising costs

Finally, the only negative trend in our line-up, is the likelihood that social media advertising costs will rise in 2018. With organic reach at all time lows, more and more brands are turning to paid advertising to get their messages in front of the people who matter to them. As demand increases, so too will costs (in theory).

Over to you…

What trends do you think will be big in the world of social media marketing this year? Please leave a comment here or tweet us @DigiBusinessHub