Ask most people what ‘social proof’ is and many will shrug their shoulders like they’re not sure. However, as soon as you mention one example of social proof, those people who weren’t sure chime in with lots more.

In a nutshell, social proof is anything that says how good your business is, but isn’t self-promotional. So, for example, a testimonial from one of your clients saying how great you are is social proof. So is a review left on Google or a comment made on one of your social media posts.

The reason social proof is so influential is because we humans have a natural tendency to follow the crowd and we listen to what our peers have to say – especially if they are celebrities or other individuals we hold in high regard.

So what else counts as social proof? Here are X more examples to inspire you to get some for your business:

1. Social Media Counts

If you’re considering making a purchase or employing the services of a company, one of the first things you might do is check their social media pages. Now let’s say two companies have almost identical offers and prices, but one has a much more active social feed, with lots of posts, comments and engagement, isn’t it more likely that you’ll ultimately choose that business? That’s social proof in action.

2. Client Testimonials

As already mentioned, client/customers testimonials are classic examples of social proof. Chances are your clients/customers think you do a great job – they wouldn’t do business with you otherwise, right? So why not politely ask them to provide you with a testimonial that you can display on your website, landing pages and social media accounts.

3. Customer Logos

Similar to client testimonials are customer logo walls. These are the sections you see on business websites that proudly display all the previous organisations said business has worked with. Logo walls are particularly influential if they contain several household names. Just be sure to ask the business first before you use their logo on your own website.

4. In The Press Pages

If you’re a charity or non-profit organisation, chances are you’ll get some press coverage from time to time. This is awesome social proof and you should look to link to the news articles on your own website. It will help highlight to your visitors all the good work you’re doing and the recognition you’re getting as a result.

5. Statistics

How many times have you visited a website or a landing page and read something along the lines of “We’ve helped over 500 businesses boost their productivity to date” or “Over 1 million satisfied customers”? These types of statistical social proof are powerful because they cement a company’s claims with hard facts and data.

Are you currently using social proof to drive business results? If so, what kinds?