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Our programs are designed to engage students in a real life creative work environment. We call our students Consultants, and working with us is often their first employment.

During the DBH program we focus on using social media for business, understanding branding and messaging, and creating/maintaining WordPress websites (we use Themify themes so that’s specifically what they are familiar with but skills are transferrable to other themes).

By the time our students graduate they have gained confidence and are often ready and hungry to take on another opportunity.

That’s where we’re calling on the business community. We particularly need supportive businesses who are willing to provide an opportunity for our graduates to work with them continuing to learn and develop, while adding value to their business.

If you can provide an opportunity for work experience, casual employment or would consider a trainee (who often come with financial incentives) please submit your opportunity below and we’ll be in touch.


Opportunity for Alumni

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