Do you utilise LinkedIn as part of your social media marketing efforts? It’s long been somewhat of a dark horse for digital marketers, what with its professional/recruitment focus. And since organic reach on Facebook has declined, LinkedIn has been experiencing something of a renaissance.

But what kind of content performs best on LinkedIn? Luckily, newly released data tells us exactly that.

According to the LinkedIn Content Insights Annual: 2017, some topics, such as leadership, management and sales, are consistently popular. Is that really surprising though? After all, every business needs these and they are all topics that nicely complement LinkedIn’s professional focus.

In fact, those three topics occupy the top spots on the 2017 list:

Image credit: LinkedIn

However, LinkedIn also notes that content focus has been changing with the times and subjects like “Start-ups” and “Entrepreneurship” made it into the top 20 topics of 2017. This is a reality that reflects the rise of the gig economy and emphasises how going it alone has never been more popular.

Interestingly, the topic of “Security” received more focus in 2017, which isn’t surprising when you consider the number of high profile data breaches that occurred last year. Barely a week went by without a big name brand hitting the headlines as the latest victim of a cyber attack.

As LinkedIn notes: “The top content driving conversations on LinkedIn is a reflection of what is happening in the world.” So, in a nutshell, while professional-focussed content remains key, so too are topics that relate to current affairs and the latest headlines.

Remember, LinkedIn members are looking for business-related posts that seek to inform and educate them about professional trends and topics. The bottom line is that LinkedIn is not Facebook, so your latest promotions aren’t necessarily going to go down too well. However, it is a great place to showcase your knowledge and establish yourself as a trusted expert in your industry.