It’s no secret that Facebook wants to go back to its roots a little and enable people to have more meaningful social interactions again. That’s why many of the updates being pushed out by the social network at the moment are focussed on boosting engagement and that’s exactly what the new lists feature is designed to do.

Going forward, Facebook Android users will be able to post status updates with colourful lists of their choosing like the ones shown below.

Image credit: Facebook

Facebook is hoping the new feature will lead to more personal interactions on the site and encourage people to share more of their personal wishes.

However, some spectators already questioning the real motives behind the update, with some saying it’s just another way for Facebook to obtain more personal data about people and show them a targeted ad as a result. For example, someone might create a list of their dream holiday destinations and include, say, Thailand. That individual might then start seeing Thailand-related ads on Facebook – cheap flights, hotels, etc.

Such wish lists are highly emotional for their creators, which is why displaying ads off the back of them could be a very lucrative tactic. But, at the end of the day, Facebook is still a business and needs to do what’s right for its investors and stakeholders. So while the move back to more engagement and personal updates is good, it will be a fine balancing act to achieve the perfect mix of social and media.

While it’s only Android users who will be able to take advantage of the new feature initially, the change will be rolled out to more people in the future.

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