About Us

Digital Business Hub is changing the way business becomes digital, and students become employable.

We specialise in helping businesses grow. We do that by linking businesses with a team of students who get the techie stuff (with ease). We support the business owner to develop a strategy and we guide the students to implement the strategy.

The outcomes are quite incredible. 

The business improves their online presence (in most cases they’ve put it off for far too long). Outcomes include:

  • build a new website, or update an outdated website
  • create/optimise, plan and post on social media
  • improve business search engine visibility
  • establish a database and enable them to send regular email communication (which almost always results in sales)

The students grow in confidence, skills and employability.

Francine Bishop and Lynelle Johnson

Francine Bishop and Lynelle Johnson getting ready for the next intake at the Digital Business Hub

About Lynelle Johnson, Partner and Co-founder

After a decade in television and as a magazine and newspaper writer, Lynelle founded a public relations company, Media Success, winning PRIA Golden Target awards for her work over ten years – including multiple awards for media strategy, event management, marketing and crisis management.

Lynelle is a Fellow of the Public Relations Institute of Australia and has received many other awards during her career including, The NSW Department of Education Excellence in Education Awards Community Partnerships, the NSW Micro Business Consultant of the Year and Micro Business Ambassador.

Lynelle spent four years as a school, business, and community partnership broker with The Smith Family. During that time over 29,000 opportunities for young people in the Illawarra Shoalhaven to connect with education and work transition through creating innovative partnerships and social enterprises were crated.

Lynelle is the Director of That’s Good Pty. Ltd, providing strategic advice to business and government and is now in partnership with Francine Bishop (Mayvin Training) in a social enterprise. Digital Business Hub.

About Francine Bishop, Partner and Co-founder

Francine is the author of Social Media Evolution and owner of Mayvin Training. Francine launched her career in digital marketing in 2009 and since then has presented and trainer over 2500 people. She has played a key role in numerous Government funded programs, spoken at forums, conferences and symposiums throughout Australia. A well respected expert in social media and digital marketing and passionate about helping businesses embrace the digital age.

As co-founder of Digital Business Hub, Francine was recently awarded Highly Commended IWIB Innovative Businesswoman and Finalist IWIB Commitment to Community. Francine brings energy, knowledge and an ability to inspire and connect.

Francine see’s the Digital Business Hub as an opportunity to support businesses and prepare students for the world of work in an innovative and results based environment. Thinking bigger, Francine sees no reason we can’t run Digital Business Hub’s anywhere there are 12 businesses and 12 students, creating stronger communities and better economic outcomes.