While it may not quite have the monthly active user numbers of Facebook, Twitter is still, nevertheless, a formidable tool in the marketing arsenals of businesses worldwide. In recent times, what with its larger character limit and increasing focus on video, Twitter has given social media marketers some serious food for thought.

1. Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are planned conversations that occur on the platform and use a specific hashtag so they can be easily found. The host of the chat (that could be you) asks a series of questions, encourages a discussion and ensures the chat remains on topic. The best Twitter chats are pre-arranged for a set date/time to ensure they get maximum engagement.

2. Recorded & Live Video

As we’ve already mentioned, Twitter has embraced the video revolution and video content does very well on the platform. The good news is that you don’t need to always make live videos either. Recorded videos can be just as engaging and effective when it comes to portraying your brand’s voice.

3. Twitter Polls

Twitter Polls are exactly as their name suggests. While they might not be the most exciting marketing tactic out there, they do encourage engagement and get people interacting with your posts. They’re a really great way to decide on the next topic for your Twitter chat, which will enjoy more participation if your followers helped choose the topic.

4. Make the most of the new character limit

You used to be restricted to just 140 characters on Twitter, but the new 280-character limit means you’ve now got double the size to play with. Make the most of it and express everything you want to say in longer tweets. It will help spark conversations and drive engagement.

5. Learn to Follow

Finally, remember that the more you put into Twitter, the more you will get out. In other words, don’t just setup an account, send some tweets and expect people to follow you. Instead, get involved in the conversations that are happening relating to your industry and showcase your knowledge.