Today, social media isn’t a nice-to-have for businesses – it’s a must have! The harsh reality is that businesses which ignore social media as a marketing vehicle risk falling behind in their industries.

But many small business owners and entrepreneurs don’t have the time or the inclination to concentrate on social media marketing. That’s where outsourcing your social media management comes in.

Here are 5 reasons why it’s a smart decision:

1. No associated recruitment costs

First and foremost, there are none of the associated recruitment costs when you outsource. That means you can get your social media efforts underway without increasing your head count and having to go through the whole recruitment process.

2. They are detached from your business

You live and breathe your business, which is great for helping it grow, but doesn’t always lend itself well to social media marketing. That’s because you may be inclined to use too much jargon or assume your audience knows more than they do.┬áSocial media managers who are external to your business are in a position where they can provide value to your followers in an easy to digest way.

3. It’s their business to be knowledgeable

Social media marketing isn’t something you can learn overnight. It takes time and effort to get to grips with the latest techniques and industry offerings. External social media managers have already investing and are continuing to invest time and money into their ongoing development. This means your business is always ahead of the curve when it comes to new developments in the world of social media marketing.

4. Unwavering reliability

No matter how much you’d like to dedicate X amount of time per week to social media, you’re inevitably busy and that means your best laid plans will often fall by the wayside. By outsourcing your social media management, though, you can rest assured that your business accounts are being looked after meticulously and reliably.

5. Saves you time

Last, but certainly not least, is that an external social media manager saves you valuable time. Time that you can use to focus on the core business activities that bring money in the door.