How long would they work with you?
Any opportunity would be beneficial. It could be for a few hours, a few hours a week for a few weeks (up to 5 weeks)
What experience do they have?
When our students graduate NextGen and the DBH program, they have experience working on social media and WordPress websites. They have completed 15 weeks with us including a Cert 2 with Kiama Community College. We’d love to give them more exposure to the world of work. Our goal is they will help with your online presence while working with you.
What sort of tasks could they do?
An ideal situation would be –
Social media – you have a marketing person or dept who have a marketing plan but just don’t have time to create graphics to post on Facebook, or you have a social media plan and the young consultant could post for you and schedule your content.
Website – you have a WordPress website and you want someone to upload new product, or you want someone to change the content (words and images), or you have lots of content on your website and you want someone to add links or add keywords.
These are a few examples.
What sort of supervision would be required?
These students have barriers to employment and for a variety of reasons are considered at risk of unemployment. Despite their challenges they have successfully committed to our program, achieved attendance requirements and COMPLETED.
They have gained confidence, worked in teams and liaised with clients during the program and improved their employability. They need to be given a chance and the opportunity to add value.
They will need supervision, positivity and encouragement during their time with you. They will need you to explain the task well and provide the information, images and logins they need to complete your tasks. Beyond that, we will support them. If they are unsure how to do something we will teach them through our back-end technical department.
When can someone start with you?
Tell us what you need, where you are located and what hours would be suitable and we’ll find a student who is enthusiastic and excited to take up the opportunity.